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More about Breakout Bandits

We’re a full service event agency with a passion for surprises. From our small head quarters in the Netherlands we organize events all over the world. We can help you organize the perfect surprise! Whether it’s a surprise birthday party, a surprise for an wedding anniversary, a teambuilding activity or just any creative idea that needs a surprise element, we’re there for you.

We developed different kind of event concepts.

Car driving near the shore during a surprise roadtrip

Think out-of-the-(gift)box. Surprise your friends, family or colleagues with an unexpected adventure. It will be an experience they will never forget.

Play a custom-made teambuilding game with your team full of personal questions about your team, surprising twists and hilarious discoveries about your teammates.

There is beauty everywhere. Go out on an adventure and find beauty in places you would never expect to find it.

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