Capture The Flag – indoor

We'll craft a personalized game from player-filled questionnaires

Learn new, unforgettable stories about your team

Enjoy the excitement in any indoor location


per person

Price is for a 1-hour game for 30 players, excl. VAT.

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How the game works

Find the QR-codes

Scan hidden QR codes to unlock new levels, each unveiling a step closer to the thrilling final challenge. Let the code-hunting quest begin!

Gathering intel

The key to victory lies in gathering intel about the flag’s location. Crack the code by answering questions about your opponents, all derived from the players’ pre-game questionnaire.

Capture the flag!

Capture the flag before your opponents do. The game ends as soon as one team manages to capture the flag. The winning team will be crowned the ultimate victors.

One or two hours of gaming fun

There are 2 versions of Capture The Flag Indoor. When booking, you can choose a version you prefer.

1-hour version

  • Find the hidden QR-codes and unlock all levels
  • Gather information by answering questions about players.
  • Capture The Flag and win!

The 1-hour version is often used as part of a larger program. Consider a team day in which 1 hour is available for relaxing and getting to know each other. It’s the perfect game to get to know each other better.

2-hour version

  • Find the hidden QR-codes and unlock all levels
  • Gather information by answering questions about players.
  • Extra photo and video challenges
  • Extra collaboration between teams
  • Capture The Flag and win!

The 2-hour version can be used as part of a larger program, but also has enough body as a standalone activity. The additional photos and videos are guaranteed to cause a lot of hilarity! The collaboration between teams gives the game a whole new strategic dimension. Who should you work against, and who should you work with?

Difficulty level

Players do not necessarily need to be in good shape to play the game. They only need to walk indoors in the location of your choice. The distance depends on how well you hide the QR-codes.

Don’t let the weather dictate your fun

Play Capture The Flag, Anytime, Anywhere!

Embark on an indoor adventure with Capture The Flag Indoor, bringing the excitement indoors! Immerse yourself in a customized experience where strategy, teamwork, and quick thinking are your greatest assets. Gather intelligence, outsmart your opponents, find the location and capture the flag — all within the confines of your chosen indoor location. Whether you’re exploring a corporate setting or a cozy event space, get ready to Capture The Flag like never before!

Get ready for some serious fun

The photo- and videos challanges in Capture The Flag are a guaranteed recipe for hilarity. Teaming up or plotting against others brings a strategic level to the game. Who’s on your side, and who’s in for a friendly rivalry? It’s all part of the fun! Grab your team and dive into an adventure where the goal is not just to win, but to have a blast along the way!

Make Lasting Memories

Whether you emerge as the victorious team or face a challenging defeat, the experience is bound to be filled with laughter and unforgettable moments. Be the first to find the flag and clinch the win, but remember, the real triumph lies in the shared stories and fun you’ll carry with your team. So, seize your phone, rally your teammates, and get set for a memorable journey—get ready to Capture The Flag!

Frequently Asked Questions


I have a specific date I want to play game. Can it be played then?
How many players can I play the game with?
How many teams should I divide my group into while playing the game?
I've already ordered the game, but want to change the date or time. Is that possible?
If we start the game later, will we have less playing time?
If a specific team starts later than the other teams, will they have less playing time?
I don't know the final number of players until the last minute. Is that a problem?
I expect more players than I ordered. What should I do?
I expect fewer players than I ordered. What should I do?
Can the game be played in English?
In which languages can the game be played?
I have already booked a location. Can I play the game there?
How can I reserve Capture The Flag Indoor?

Payment and price

When do I have to pay?
Can I pay afterwards with an invoice?
Can I get a quote before booking?
Can I get a discount?
Are there additional charges if I change the time or date?
Which payment methods do you accept?
Do we get our money back if we have to cancel?
Do we get our money back if we are not satisfied?
Can we make a payment arrangement if full payment is not immediately possible?


How do you personalize the game?
How much time do you need to complete the questionnaire?
When must the questionnaire be completed?
How can I see who completed the questionnaire?
What if someone is late in completing the questionnaire?
Can we adjust the questionnaire or supplement it with our own questions?
Is it possible to adapt the game to our specific occasion or preferences?
Do we have to answer all the questions in the questionnaire?
What questions are included in the questionnaire?
Do we have to make our own teams or do you do that?
What should players bring with them during the game?
How many smartphones do we need?
Which app should we use to play the game?
When should we download the app?
How do I log in to the app?
Who should download the app?
Can i organize the game as a surprise?
I want to play the indoor version. What requirements must the indoor location meet?

Game play

Are any of you physically present while playing the game?
We have to arrange a game leader ourselves. What should that person do?
Can we ask for help during the game if we get stuck?
What number should teams call for support?
Can we play the game completely independently?
Where can I find the rules for Capture The Flag?
When will we get the rules?
How long on average does Capture the Flag take from start to finish?
What happens if we cannot complete Capture The Flag within the allotted time?
How is the winner of determined?
Is there a reward for the winning team?
Does everyone need a phone?
Can we also play the game on a tablet?
I accidentally created the wrong team. What should I do now?
What should I do if my battery runs out while playing the game?
I'm the game master. How can i start the game for all teams?
Are there certain physical skills required to play Capture The Flag Indoor?
We get stuck during the game and can't do anything anymore. What should we do?


Will we gain insight into who gave which answers (AFTER THE GAME)?
What happens to the answers after the game?

Technical aspects

Do you need an internet connection to play the game?
Are there minimum requirements for the devices we need to download the app on?
Do you provide technical support if we run into problems using the app?
Can we use the app on multiple devices at the same time?

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