Capture The Flag XL

Capture The Flag XL – The Roadtrip Edition

Get in your car

Complete the challenges

Capture the flag!


per person

Price is for a 4-hour game for 20 players, excl. VAT.

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How the roadtrip-game works

Jouw provincie als speelveld bij Capture The Flag XL - The Roadtrip Edition

Your province as a playing field

Play the game within the borders of one province in the Netherlands or Belgium. The starting location is flexible, for example from your office. You determine your ideal route to complete as many challenges as possible.

Voltooi Challenges On The Road bij Capture The Flag Xl - The Roadtrip Edition

Complete challenges on the road

By completing a challenge, you will receive hints about the location of the flag. Challenges are custom-made based on a questionnaire that players must complete in advance. This makes every game a unique experience for every team!

Capture The Flag XL - The Roadtrip Edition

Capture the flag!

The team that captures the flag first wins. The game can be concluded with a drink or dinner at the location of the flag. The perfect place to share all the stories of this road trip!

4 or 8 hours of fun on the road

There are 2 versions of Capture The Flag XL – The Roadtrip Edition. You can choose the version you want when booking.

4-hour version

  • Teams determine their own route to complete as many challenges as possible
  • The challenges are cust-made based on pre-completed questionnaires
  • Collect hints about the flag’s location by completing challenges
  • Throw bombs and set up blockades to slow down other teams.
  • Capture the flag and win!

The 4-hour version can be used as part of a larger program. Consider a team day where the afternoon is free to relax and get to know each other. It’s the perfect game to get to know each other better.

8-hour version

The 8-hour version works the same as the 4-hour version, but offers a number of additional options.

  • Extra challenges with additional collaborative assignments
  • Additional options to slow down other teams
  • Possibility to order “lunch on the go”
  • Possibility to order additional guidance on site, including kickoff, premium challenges, results and aftermovie

The 8-hour version can be booked as a stand-alone activity, but can also be used as part of a larger program (for example a 2-day with the team).

Why choose Capture The Flag XL – The Roadtrip Edition?

Unique, Personal Experience

All players complete a questionnaire in advance. The answers to these are incorporated into the challenges, making each challenge unique and allowing you to get to know your teammates in a completely new way.

Tension and Strategy

Race against the clock and other teams as you travel through the province to complete as many challenges as possible. Collect hints, avoid forbidden areas and deploy strategic blockades to slow down your opponents.

Memories for Life

Whether you’re the first to capture the flag or get lost along the way, you’re guaranteed to go home with a pile of hilarious photos and videos. Afterwards, you will have countless new stories to share.

Safety first

Capture The Flag XL is all about fun and adventure, but safety comes first. Pay close attention to traffic, it’s a road trip, not a road race! The final takes place by foot to avoid dangerous situations with cars.

Why wait?

Start the engine, turn on your navigation and get ready for the most exciting team building adventure ever. Reserve your spot now for Capture The Flag XL – The Roadtrip Edition and find out which of you is the best team!

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