Team Breakout: Play a custom-made GPS game with your team

Custom-made GPS game on your favorite location

Full of personal quizzes about your team and surprising twists

A hilarious way to get to know your team (better)


per person

Price is for a group of 20 persons. Get up to 50% off with larger groups. Calculate your price now.

How the GPS-game works

Finding a location at the custom-made GPS game Team Breakout

Find the questions

Players need to find locations in a specific area. The exact locations are shown in a special game app. When they get to the location a question pops up.

Players answering a question during a custom-made GPS game

Answers the questions

All team members fill in a questionnaire in advance. Based on the answers we make custom-made quizzes about the team. It will be a great way to get to know your team.

Players at the finish of a custom-made GPS game

Finish with a surprise

When teams gather 100 points the finish is revealed: any location you like, where you can close this teambuilding activity with a drink. The team who get there first wins the game!

Difficulty level

Players don’t necessary have to be in a good shape to play the game. You can tell us how far you want the players to walk in total during the game. You can choose a distance between 1 to 5 kilometers. When we plot the locations of the questions on the map we will take this into account.

Example of the team building activity

Players playing a GPS gameThis is a custom-made GPS-game, so every team will have a different experience. To give an impression of how a typical game day might look, we would like to introduce the imaginary team Corporate Bandits. It’s a team of 10 people who work with each other on a daily basis. Twice a year they have a teambuilding activity. This time they would love to actually get to know each other a bit better on a personal level. Not in a too serious way, but in a fun and relaxed way. Peter, one of the team members ordered a GPS game two weeks ago. He filled in that he wanted to play a GPS-game starting at The Hague Central station and finish at Madame Moustache.


Directly after ordering the game Peter receives a confirmation e-mail with a link to a questionnaire. He forwards the link to his colleagues and asks them to fill in the questions. Three days before the teambuilding activity starts he gets a conformation that all team members filled in the questions. He receives the logins credentials for his team and the download link for the app. The GPS-game is ready to be played.

Game day

The team gathers at the station and split up in 3 sub teams. Peter, Michelle and Daniel form one sub team. When they start the app they see a map of the nearby area. It’s filled with locations they can visit. In the instructions they read that every time they visit a location a question will pop up about the team. Giving the right answer will give them points. When they collect 100 points they will see the location where they need to finish. The team who gets there first wins the game.


Two team run away immediately. They go for a “superpower” feature which will double their points for 5 minutes. Only the first team who gets there gets the feature. Peter, Michelle and Daniel decide to go for a question a bit further away. It will only be available for 30 minutes. To them it makes sense to visit that one first. Michelle holds the phone and runs ahead. “Peter, I have the question! Which one of you met Barack Obama in real life?” “Didn’t Joyce tell about that once a few years ago?” Michelle fills in Joyce. “Yes! We’ve got our first 10 points! Let’s go to the next one, it’s just around the corner.”

It’s the beginning of GPS-game full of custom-made quizzes and surprising twists. It turns out that there are no-go area’s which will give penalty points and sometimes “superpowers” unexpectedly show up. Peter, Michelle and Daniel see the other teams moving on the screen, can even chat with them and see a score of each team.

After about an hour they are at a shared first place and only need 10 more points before they will find out where they have to finish. “Who was afraid to be eaten by the neighbors dog as a child?” “Ha, ha, that needs to be Shannen, she is still terrified with dogs.” The app says it’s correct and shows the location where they need to finish.


Peter, Michelle and Daniel start to run, because they see the other team also has 100 points. It will be a tight race. If they run fast, it might only take 2 minutes, but the other team is nearby too. All other teams can see two dots are moving fast towards to same location on the screen. It’s too late for them. Peter, Michelle and Daniel see the other team showing up on the other side of the street. It’s only 100 meters. Michelle pulls a sprint the last meters and finished first!

A drink after the game

Ten minutes later all teams are gathered at the finish. It’s a regular bar they visit for having some drinks after work. “I didn’t know you actually met Barack Obama in real life. When did that happen?” The atmosphere is great. Obviously Peter, Michelle and Daniel are in a good mood, but everybody loved the game. Sander, the team leader stands up. “Can I have the attention, please? Peter, Michelle and Daniel, congratulations! And Peter… You did a great job organizing this teambuilding activity. A loud applause fills the bar. “Cheers for Peter!”

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