Senior friends navigating on a phone during a surprise birthday trip

Custom-made Birthday Tour

Surprise someone with a custom-made GPS-tour for his/her birthday

The mission is to find a location where a big surprise awaits

The day is filled with surprises, like personal celebration videos and meetings with friends

A special birthday experience

The mission is to find a location where a big surprise awaits. To find the location he/she needs to go on a trip!

Senior friends on a surprise birthday trip

Go on a surprise birthday trip

A special app guides the birthday-boy/girl through the day. The app contains little quizzes. A good answer reveal’s a personal celebration video from friends and a new location.

Senior friends making a beachwalk during a custom made birthday tour

A new surprise at every location

Every visited location beholds another surprise: a meeting with a close friend. They have a drink together and the friend gives a clue for finding the final location.

Friend gathering at an outside diner at the end of a GPS tour

The GPS-tour ends with a big surprise

The day ends with a surprise party.  It can be huge or small. A diner or a party. At home or somewhere else. As long as it’s in the style the participant loves.

Difficulty level

The quizzes are relatively easy. The focus is offering the participant a birthday surprise with a lot of personal celebration video’s and meetings with surprise guests. If you want to spice things up a bit, please check our birthday escape room. The participant doesn’t necessary have to be in a good shape. If one is disabled, please mention that in your request for quote. We will take this into account in our preparations.

What will he/she do?

This Birthday GPS-tour is custom-made, so every participant will do something different. To give an impression of how it might look, we would like to introduce the imaginary birthday-boy Mitchell. He’s 60 years old. Mary, his wife would love to give him an unforgettable experience for his 60th birthday.

An unexpected birthday trip

“Happy birthday darling!” Mitchell wakes up. It’s still early in the morning. His wife gives him a kiss and hands him a package. “Can I open it?” Mary smiles a little nervous: “Yes, it’s your birthday gift.”. The package contains a phone and a card: “Happy birthday Mitchell. Prepare for an unexpected adventure! Take a shower, get dressed, jump in your car and wait for the instructions on the phone”.

It only take 10 minutes for Mitchell to get in the car. “Hi Mitchell, are you ready for a ride?” A special app automatically plays a video the phone. “You will go on a birthday trip today. This app will guide you. To find the route, you have to give the right answers in small birthday quizzes throughout they day. If you follow the route you will find a location where a big surprise awaits for you.”

Meetings with friends

Mitchel is thrilled and starts the first quiz on a phone Mary give him: “What tradition do they have in countries such as Russia, Hungary and Argentina during a birthday?” Mitchell answers: “They congratulate someone by pulling their earlobe”. It’s correct. Mitchell expects to see the first location they have to go to, but he is surprised with a video: “Hi dad, congratulations with your 60th birthday!”. It’s Mitchell’s oldest son. “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me lately. You’re my true hero! Enjoy this day! Please go to your favorite coffee bar now” Mitchell’s starts the car with a big smile on his face.

Ten minutes later they arrive. “Hi big brother of mine! Will you have breakfast with us?” It’s the beginning of a day full of surprises and unexpected surprise meetings. Every location Mitchell and Mary visit they meet someone else. They have a drink and enjoy the conversations. They have lunch with their neighbors, drink coffee with their youngest daughter at their favorite spot in the park. At the end of the afternoon they have a hike with their best friends. When they get back to the car they see it’s time to visit the final location.

It ends with a big surprise

Twenty minutes later Mitchell and Mary stand in frond of a place they know very well. Before they get in, the app shows one last video. “I hope you enjoyed this day, my love.” It’s Mary. “Let’s toast to the good life we have, together with our friends and family in our favorite restaurant!” Mitchell steps in. He sees a large table filled with his closest friends, his kids, even his old parents. “Surprise!!!” He feels blessed with so many loving people around him. “Thank you so much guys, this was best birthday gift ever!”

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