Boy and girl driving car during a birthday GPS game

Custom-made birthday escape-game

Surprise someone with an escape room experience for his/her birthday

The birthday-boy/girl must go on a trip to find out what is hidden in a mysterious cryptex

Every solved puzzle reveals a celebration video. The game ends with a surprise party!


The mission is to discover what's hidden in a mysterious cryptex

Discover what’s in the cryptex

The mission is to discover the surprise that is hidden in a cryptex, a small device which can only be opened if you know the code. In the cryptex awaits a big surprise.

Two boys on a bus looking at a phone during a GPS game

Go on a trip to open the cryptex

To find the code the birthday-boy-girl needs to go on a trip. Solving location based-puzzles will bring him/her closer to opening the cryptex.

Outdoor birthday surprise party with friends

Personal birthday surprises

Every solved puzzle reveals a celebration-video in a special app. In the cryptex an invitation awaits for a surprise birthday party in the style the participant loves.

Difficulty level

It’s hard to compare an “escape game on the road” with a traditional escape room. You won’t find fancy hidden cabinets, black light writings on the wall and other stuff you would expect in an escape room. What you will get is a custom-made adventure! We will add location-based puzzles on your favorite locations in the level you like. So the difficulty level is tailor-made for the participant. Truly unique are the personal celebration-video’s you get after completing a puzzle and the closing surprise party after opening the cryptex. Tell us your preferences during the intake and we will take this into account in our preparations.

What will he/she do?

This “Escape game” is custom-made, so every participant will have a different route, with different location-based puzzles. To give an impression of how it might look, we would like to introduce the imaginary birthday-boy Jimmy. He’s 25 years old. His girlfriend loves to give him an unforgettable experience for his 25th birthday.

Jimmy receives a small package from his girlfriend, Mel, early in the morning on his birthday. When he opens the package, he finds a Cryptex and a small card: “Good luck Jimmy! Make sure you open the cryptex before 6:00 PM. We’re going to close your birthday in style!”. The card also contains a username and password with which he can log in to the Breakout Bandits app.

Jimmy and Mel take the metro to the center of the city. They receive the first assignment on a large square. It’s an easy start. Jimmy only needs 5 minutes to solve the puzzle. He expects a new assignment, but is completely surprised by a video from his best friend: “Congratulations, man. Good luck with the game and we’ll see you soon!”. His friend also gives a hint for the word with which the cryptex can be opened. Jimmy and Mel crisscross the city that day, collecting hints to open the cryptex and laughing out loud because of his friends’ congratulations.

At the end of the afternoon Jimmy manages to open the Cryptex and to his surprise he finds a key with an address label attached to it. They take the metro and walk the last bit to the address. Jimmy stands in front of a totally unknown house. Somewhat nervously he puts the key in the lock and turns it. “Surprise!!” A house full of friends is crying out. “Congratulations Jimmy!”. The house turns out to belong to a great-aunt of Mel, who made her house available for the occasion. “Thank you guys,” Jimmy says. “What a great gift. Let’s make it a great party!”

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