“Paparazzi on the run”, a custom made teambuilding game, to play anywhere

We are excited to announce our latest team building game: "Paparazzi on the Run". An exciting team building game in which you as paparazzi compete against other teams to discover the most juicy and interesting stories about your colleagues. The game is specially designed for companies looking for a unique, tailor-made team building activity that will surprise your team from start to finish.

A personal game, so a unique experience

Paparazzi on the Run is completely custom made. With personal questions and a surprising tailor-made story line, it is therefore a unique experience for every team. And best of all, you can play it anywhere you want! The team that collects the most information and submits it to the editor wins the game! But win or lose, you’ll walk away with a treasure trove of fun and unforgettable stories about your team.

Team building game with a surprising story line

At Breakout Bandits we like to add an element of surprise to all the events we organize. Sometimes the whole event is one big surprise, like our surprise roadtrips. With Paparazzi on the run, the surprise is in the unique, tailor-made story line we create based on the questionnaire that all players have to fill in beforehand.

Put on your detective hat

Whether you want to improve communication, promote collaboration, just get to know each other a little better or just have a good time with your colleagues, Paparazzi on the Run is the game you need. So put on your detective hat, grab your phone and get ready for the ultimate paparazzi chase!

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