Is there a bad weather backup plan?

Normally, you play Capture The Flag outside. In bad weather, you have the option to play the indoor version of Capture The Flag. You will then play Capture The Flag in an indoor location that you arrange yourself. The indoor version works the same as the outdoor version. The only difference is that in the indoor version, teams have to scan QR codes to go to a new level.

You may decide at the last minute to play the indoor version of the game. Please note that the indoor version requires additional preparation from the game leader. The QR codes must be printed out and hidden. After booking, you will receive further instructions on how to prepare the indoor version.

It’s also an option to postpone the game, that is also an option. You can move the game to a later time free of charge. The only condition we impose is that the content of the game does not have to be changed by us. In practice, colleagues leave and new colleagues join. If you want to reopen the questionnaire to new colleagues and possibly delete answers from old colleagues, you can do so. We then charge an additional 25% of the total price.