Bring on the rain! We are ready with Capture The Flag Indoor

Rainy days can seriously disrupt your plans for a team outing or family day and cause a lot of stress during the preparation. Now that autumn has fully started, we introduce Capture The Flag Indoor. The indoor version puts a unique twist on the classic game. No more rain ponchos or soaked shoes. You can enjoy the excitement indoors and create unforgettable memories with the players. So bring on the rain, we are ready for it!

A custom game based on player surveys

Capture The Flag Indoor is a custom game. All players complete a questionnaire in advance. Based on the answers, we create a tailor-made game. The goal is to gather as much information as possible about the location of the flag by answering questions about the players. Communicate with other teams in real time to plan your strategies and outsmart your opponents. Every second counts at Capture The Flag. Be the first team to find the flag and win the game!

Last-minute choice for outdoor or indoor

Would you rather play the outdoor version? Then be on the safe side and add the indoor version as a backup game when booking. If the weather is good, you can play the outdoor version. In bad weather, you can play the indoor version. It’s like insurance, making sure you can always play a game, regardless of the weather.

Don’t let the weather determine your fun

With Capture The Flag Indoor, you bring the excitement of the game to the office, event locations, or even your own living room. Turn any indoor space into a strategic playing field and let the hilarity begin! The rain may be pouring outside, but inside the game creates a storm of action, laughter, and teamwork. Whether you are on the winning team or leading a defeat, you will leave with a wealth of fun and unforgettable stories about your team. So grab your phone, gather your teammates and prepare for an unforgettable adventure: prepare to Capture The Flag!

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