Paparazzi on the run game rules


Today you will work as paparazzi for Breakout News Network. You want to find out everything about your team. Your goal is to earn as much money as possible by delivering juicy, funny and / or inspiring stories to the chief editor. The team that discovers the most information and submits that information to the chief editor earns the most money and wins the game.

Find Information

You will find an interactive map of a large city in the app. Try to find all information about everyone on your team. You can find the information by clicking on the red icons.

Everything you hear or see can be valuable information and can be used by the chief editor.


You can navigate freely on the map. However, some parts of the map are not (yet) visible. You can make these parts visible by walking with the phone. For every 250 meters you travel, a larger part of the map becomes available.

It doesn’t matter which direction you walk, what matters is the distance. To find all the information you will have to walk 4.5 kilometers.


The game lasts exactly two hours. Every 5 minutes 1 hour passes in the game. In this way you play exactly one day in two hours. The time is indicated at the top of the screen. Keep a close eye on this time. You must be present at the editorial office no later than 07:00 to provide the information you discovered. That is 1 hour and 50 minutes after the start of the game.

Submit information to the editor

The editorial office is located at the Breakout News Network headquarters. However, the head office is quite hard  to reach. It’s in a different city than where you start. You will have to take different transportation options (taxi, boat and/or plane) to reach the main office. Please make sure to arrive on time at 07:00. You will have until 09:00 (10 minutes game time) to provide all information to the chief editor. Make sure you are sharp until the end. You can earn most money in the last moments of this game.

Transport costs

You can walk through the city for free, but if you want to take a taxi, boat or plane you have to pay for it. You can earn money by sharing some information with the editors before 07:00. You can find the information on the map. It is indicated per situation whether you can use the information immediately to earn money or whether you can earn money with it at the end of the game.


Of course you want to score the scoop and not let another team of paparazzi take that honor. During the game there are several possibilities to thwart other paparazzi. Take a good look at the map and make sure that you are not screwed yourself and that you are too late for the meeting wth the chief editor due to other paparazzi.

The winner

The team of paparazzi with the most money in their account at the end of the game wins.

After the game

Everyone will see all the facts and stories about your team afterwards. This way you can read everything again afterwards.