How do you personalize the game?

All players fill in a questionnaire beforehand. Based on the answers, we create a personalized game.

After booking the game you will receive an email with a personalized link to the questionnaire. Anyone who uses this link to complete the survey will be included in the game as a player.

In the same e-mail there is a link with which you can see who has completed the questionnaire. We ask you to agree to the completed questionnaires via this link no later than 3 days before the game starts. (You only see who answered the questionnaire and not what the players entered.)

After approval, all players will receive an e-mail with the rules of the game, a link to the app and a username and password. After the approval, we will start building the game. You will receive an email no later than 24 hours in advance confirming that the game is ready to be played.