Capture the flag game rules


Make sure you are the first team to capture the flag.

On your way to the final

Collect as much information as possible about the location of the flag in levels 1 to 9. Do this by answering questions about the players. The questions are based on the questionnaire that you completed in advance. Not all questions are immediately visible. Sometimes it is necessary to complete small challenges before the questions become visible. The flag can eventually be found in level 10.


You can reach a next level by walking with the phone on which the app is installed. It doesn’t matter which direction you walk, what matters is the distance. The map shows how far you have to walk to reach a new level. If you play the indoor version, you can reach a new level by scanning QR codes hidden in the location.


The final starts exactly 50 minutes after the start of Capture The Flag. Even if you are not yet at level 10, you can search for the flag at level 10 from that moment on. You will just have less information to find the flag.

The winners

If you pick the correct flag, you will be asked a final question. Once a team gets the final question right, that team wins the game. For all other teams, the game is stopped immediately. If two teams capture the flag at the same time and answer the final question correctly, the team with the most points wins.