What a year! Here are 7 things that made us at Breakout Bandits really happy.

1️⃣ Wouter’s full-time dive!

This summer, Wouter took the leap to work full-time for Breakout Bandits.

2️⃣ 69 games played!

Nice! This year, 69 games were played in the Netherlands and Belgium. That gives confidence for next year.

3️⃣ Paparazzi On The Run debuted!

Early this year we introduced Paparazzi On The Run. During this personalized city game you, as paparazzi, have to discover everything about your team.

4️⃣ Stay dry in the rain!

Bad weather? No problem! This fall, we introduced a new version of Capture The Flag that helps you stay dry while capturing the flag. You can now choose between 1 or 2 hours and indoor or outdoor.

5️⃣ Feast of answers!

All our games are tailor-made based on a questionnaire that players complete in advance. Reading the answers is really a treat! We discovered that a striking number of people have a phobia of chickens.

6️⃣ Youth & Entrepreneurship!

In 2024 we want to combine our passion for youth work with our passion for games. Do you have ideas, or would you like to get involved? Send us a message – we’re up for anything!

7️⃣ Happy faces!

Last but not least, our greatest source of happiness: the radiant faces. 1️⃣

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At Breakout Bandits we challenge you to go outside with your team, friends or family, get to know each other better and experience an adventure together. We do this in the form of games and adventures that stimulate, connect and make you wonder. In this way we try to make the world a bit more beautiful. We work in a social way and in this way make the world a more beautiful place. Curious how? Then read more about us.

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